Friday, January 16, 2009

Confirmation - Crosby Out for Tonight's Game

[UPDATE - like 2 minutes after I posted this!]
ALSO OUT TONIGHT: Talbot, Scuderi, and Letang (OUCH!); this is not good, but it's even more of a reason for the rest of the team to step it up!!! Let's see what they're made of now!! Don't disappoint me, boys!!
"Letang's not going to play; he tried this morning and doesn't feel comfortable," Therrien said. "Talbot's not going to play. Scuderi's eye is still not good enough. So we're missing four guys from last game."
Well, we knew it was him or Talbot and the news came soon after they announced Pesonen was called up that Crosby will be out of the lineup for tonight's game against the Anaheim Ducks.
"I don't feel comfortable enough to play," Crosby said. "It didn't feel good. That was the first time I skated since it happened. No go."
Could this be the wake-up call the team needs to get them super, turbo-charged jump started? Will this make Malkin want to step it up more than he has and once again carry the team on his back? Not that I want to see a sole player become responsible for the entire team, but they need something to get them going (and for more than just one game)!!!

As I watched the game against the Craps last Wednesday after Crosby went down and hobbled off towards the bench then off into the locker room, I thought to myself, "Is this a repeat of last year?" It's eerily similar, isn't it? Crosby injured himself at the same time last year (various sources have been reporting that it's almost 1 year to the day -- last year, it was on 10/18/2007). If I recall correctly, the team wasn't doing so hot either before that happened and then out of nowhere, players started giving it their all to elevate the team to another level of play especially Malkin.

I'm assuming Crosby's knee injury isn't as serious as the high-ankle sprain he suffered last year, so he probably won't be out that long, but I would use tonight as a test to see how the team is going to react and if they move it into high gear and Malkin again places himself in a responsible role, THIS could actually be what we needed!

I guess we'll see tonight!

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