Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pre-Game News UPDATE (#2)

LIVE STREAM of tonight's game!

FEDOTENKO AND DUPUIS will not be in tonight's lineup against the Predators; Rob Rossi confirms that Fedotenko has a broken right hand and Dupuis has an injury to his knee. Tenks will definitely not play on Saturday against the Avalanche and Dupuis is expected to practice on Friday and possibly play on Saturday.

JORDAN STAAL will get another shot at the top line with Sid along with Tyler Kennedy (I'm hoping for the best of this line, but we'll have to wait and see).

ALEX GOLIGOSKI will be playing as a forward during tonight's game; this will be his second time doing so.

HAL GILL will be a healthy scratch once again for tonight's game.


Although there is no official word on the Penguins webpage about Fedotenko and Dupuis(other than the "projected lines" which aren't very official),
TENNESSEAN.COM is reporting that Dupuis is questionable for tonight's game against the Predators due to a knee injury and Fedotenko is out due to his hand. I want to know where this writer gets his information -- that's more than we have ever found out about any injuries on this team and he's from Nashville. Until there is some word on the Penguins webpage, I would still treat this as speculation up to gametime.

The Penguins left for Nashville yesterday afternoon (with their fathers) and there was no practice, so there's really not much news before gametime today (there may be more later; be sure to check back)!!

Fleury is expected to start in the net for the Penguins tonight against the Predators.

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