Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[UPDATED] Pre-Game News

LIVE FEED of tonight's game!

The Penguins webpage has announced that Dupuis will not return to the lineup tonight against the Caroline Hurricanes.
“No, I won’t be playing (Tuesday),” Dupuis said. “We have eight days between tonight and the next game after the All-Star break. I think it’s the smart way to go to wait until that game.”

“He only had one practice,” head coach Michel Therrien said of Dupuis. “I liked the way the players from Wilkes-Barre contribute to our team. I like the way that they play. I want to make sure that they start to feel comfortable. The way that we’re playing, there’s no need to rush any players.

“I want to make sure that (injured players) get good practice. When we feel that they’re going to be 100 percent, we’ll put them out there. Until then, we’re going to wait.”
the lines are similar to the "projected lines" listed below with a minor change:
2nd line: SATAN - Staal - Kennedy
3rd line: Minard - Jeffrey - SYKORA


Talbot participated in an optional practice yesterday afternoon which is a good sign that he'll be ready to get back into the lineup soon; however, during an interview conducted yesterday on the Pens "off-day," Talbot announced that he is on "IR" (injured reserve) so he's unable to play in tonight's game against the Carolina Hurricanes; however, he expects to return to the lineup after the All-Star break. "That's the plan," Talbot said.

Dupuis was taken off of IR yesterday and is eligible to play tonight against the Hurricanes. Since Pesonen was sent back down to WB / S, I'm assuming that it's highly likely he will play tonight.
“We’ll see for (Tuesday) but I felt pretty good today,” said Dupuis, who practiced with his teammates. “It gets boring skating on your own. Skating out there with the boys, back in the action, everybody’s happy. We’re winning lately so it’s good to get back.”
Crosby is still recovering from a knee injury, but did participate in the optional skate yesterday. He is likely to be in the lineup in tonight's game, but he has yet to decide whether or not he'll skate in this Sunday's All-Star gam
“Because it can stiffen up and things like that, I wanted to make sure I move,” Crosby reasoned. “If I want to play, I have to get through practice and get through that fine. It’s good to test it out and see how it feels.”
“As of right now, yeah,” Crosby said of playing the All-Star Game. “Obviously, I thought about it a little more now because of what’s going on. I’ll probably decide after the game (Tuesday). My plan is to play (Tuesday) and see how I feel after that.”
PROJECTED LINES (from Penguins webpage)
Cooke - Crosby - Malkin
Kennedy - Staal - Sykora
Minard - Jeffrey - Satan
Godard - Thomas - Bissonnette

Fleury will start in goal for the Pens tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Dupuis, Talbot, Jeffrey, Minard, Crosby, Cooke, Thomas, Bissonnette, Kennedy, Godard, Goligoski, Scuderi, Gill, and Gonchar

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KD said...

Stephanie, you absolutely made my day with this news!

I'm sitting at the glass on Feb. 11 and was so afraid Max would be out of the line-up for this game. I would have been crushed.