Monday, January 12, 2009


TSCSF reader, Ed, made a really great suggestion a month or so ago and thought that I should post news and stories featured in local news sources from around the area where upcoming opponents are from. This is the first chance I've had to do it (so THANKS Ed!).

The Penguins face the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday, so I've been browsing the internet and here's what I found (I'll update this post with anything new I find closer to gameday):

Broad and Pattison Flyers blog
The Pittsburgh propaganda train rolls on… (01/12/2009)

Flyers Goal Scored By blog
WTFU: Pittsburgh Penguins (01/12/2009)

Phildelphia Flyers webpage ("Off the Fly" blog)
OTF: Preparing for Pittsburgh (01/12/2009)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Marty Biron back on track (01/12/2009)
Flyers about to get healthier (01/12/2009)
Penguins' stuggles have benefited Flyers (01/11/2009)
Pens' fade favors Flyers (01/11/2009)

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