Sunday, January 25, 2009

Malkin Wins Accuracy Shooting Competition

Yesterday, Malkin won in Accuracy Shooting in the Skills Competition.

During the first round, Malkin was initially credited with getting 4 hits in 5 shots; however, he actually hit all four targets on his first try (he just narrowly sliced one of the targets) and they eventually credited him 4 hits in 4 shots; he beat out Dany Heatley of the Ottawa Senators in the second round after hitting 3 hits in 4 shots when Heatley only hit 2 of the targets; the only other players that were just as skilled as Malkin with 4 hits in 4 shots are Ray Bourque (1992, 1993), Mark Messier (1996), and Jeremy Roenick (2004).

Curious to hear what Malkin had to say? CLICK HERE for a post-competition interview!

  • Four destructible styrofoam targets 15 inches in diameter are attached to the goal posts, one target in each corner.
  • Two players, one on each side of the goal, alternately pass four pucks each to a shooter positioned 25 feet out from the goal line.
Qualifying Round
  • The shooter has a maximum of eighteen seconds to shoot up to eight pucks in an attempt to hit each of the four targets.
  • Any contact of a target by a puck that is shot is scored as a hit.
  • Multiple hits on the same target do not increase the shooter’s score. Passes that are not received by the shooter qualify as attempts.

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