Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Play or Not to Play --

What a difference a day makes!

Just yesterday, Sidney Crosby was going against doctors advice and planning to play / participate in this weekend's All-Star skills competition and game.

Today is a different story.

The NHL released a statement advising that Crosby will not play in the All-Star game in Montreal this Sunday. He will be replaced by Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning.


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Lauren said...

I am so sad that we will all have another ASG without Siddo, but I would rather have him safe and well, and if that means a week of R&R, then so be it. I hope he does something fun in his time off - he certainly deserves it! And as fun as it would be to see him with all the other NHL all-stars, this game doesn't count towards the big sha-bang, so I'd rather have him healthy for the games that count!

gilld22 said...

As much as I am sad to see that he is not playing I think he has made the right choice - he does not want to make his injury worse and end up not playing for a while. Maybe next year will be 3rd year lucky and he will get to play.