Thursday, January 8, 2009

Penguins Third Annual Dads' Trip

Yesterday afternoon, the Penguins left on their two-game road trip to head to Nashville where they will play against the Predators. With them were 27 extra passengers - fathers of the players, coaches, and staff members for their third annual “Dads’ Trip.” The fathers will accompany their sons on Thursday in Nashville and Saturday in Colorado.
“It’s a unique opportunity for the players to say thanks to their fathers, who have meant so much to their lives and careers,” Shero said. “And it’s a great opportunity for the dads to experience an NHL road trip with their sons.”
Penguins' fathers will be provided with special suites for both games, attend morning skates before getting a group picture to commemorate the trip. The trip will not only include seeing their sons play two hockey games, but various other activities and extra time to visit both cities.

The fathers and sons will room with each other on the road and a special dinner was held last night by the Penguins organization in Nashville.

There are only seven fathers who have made the trip each of three times it's been scheduled and they include Troy Crosby, Dan Whitney, Henry Staal, Andre Fleury, Serge Talbot, Rick Orpik and Bob Scuderi.


Lauren said...

I really hope that the Pens website gives us some great pictures and video from this event :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

This is neat.

I know how special my dad is to me.

mer said...

I read something recently about all this hype about "Hockey Dads" and how Hockey Moms are getting forgotten. I love that the Pens do this Dad's Trip, but I wonder what they do for all their Moms...

Stephanie said...

@Lauren - I'd bet they have some kind of pictures after this 2-game stretch is over, but you never know!

@Kena - from the first year they did this, I've always thought it was classy of them to do and a great idea (I know other teams do it as well).

@mer - I thought about the same thing as I posted this (because it mentions how they are thankful for their fathers and what they've done and I'm thinking, "what about their mothers?!"), but I don't know of anything they do for the mothers which is a shame because they're just as responsible for their success!!

71crush said...

Wow awesome pic!! Where did you find it. I cant wait to see more pics.