Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bing Crosby vs. Sidney Crosby

I came across a really interesting webpage searching for Penguins articles and until I went to the site, it didn't make sense to me why it came up when I was searching "Sidney Crosby."
AwardsandHonors.com, the Web's first and only awards portal, provides you with everything you could possibly want to know about hundreds upon hundreds of key awards and honors. From Super Bowl MVPs to Nobel Laureates, you will find them here. Constantly updated and deeply researched, you will find this year's Pulitzer Prize winners and the winners of the esteemed Copley Medal in Science, dating all the way back to 1731.
Anyway, they have several different sections and one is called "In Tale of the Tape" where they "match up award winners from widely divergent areas of expertise. It's the only place where a hockey star can go head to head with a crooner or a computer genius can be juxtaposed with a Gonzo Journalist."

And who shows up? None other than Sidney Crosby who is pitted against Bing Crosby (BTW - the Pensblog nickname for Sid is "Bing" and I always assumed this is why).

To see the matchup, CLICK HERE. This is probably the only place where you'll find Sid and Bing on the same page (let alone in a "head-to-head competition!")!!

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