Friday, January 30, 2009

Trade Rumors

Even though the trade deadline is over a month away, rumors are already starting to spread across the internet (actually, they probably started the minute the Pens began their downward spiral). columnist Darren Dreger discusses 10 players to watch come trade deadline that appear "to be in the mix."

Those involving Pittsburgh Penguins, are the following:
  • Colby Armstrong (Atlanta Thrashers) - according to Dreger, Pittsburgh "would like to see him reunited" with Crosby.

  • Ryan Whitney (Pittsburgh Penguins) -"Pens GM Ray Shero may use Whitney to lure a top line forward for a late-season charge."
And from,
  • Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning) - TFP says it's been widely reported that the Penguins have interest in St. Louis.

  • Milan Hejduk (Colorado Avalanche) - another player TFP reports the Penguins may be "eyeing." also mentions Shero is interested bringing Colby back. The site also reports that Sheromay be willing to give up Whitney or Jordan Staal.


gilld22 said...

I would love to see Army return but I really dont think they should be getting rid of Jordan Staal... I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.

mer said...

I don't think they can afford to keep Staal. I've heard him say he wants to stay in Pittsburgh, and I'm sure he's being honest that he's fine with being the third line centre because there's not much way he can be 1st or 2nd line centre with Sid and Geno around.

But I think he's worth more than the Pens will be able to pay him, and there are teams that would kill for a great young defensive forward and I think there are teams that will offer more than the Pens *can* offer. Unless he takes a page out of the Pens "Contract-Signing-Manual" and signs for way less than he's worth (although, if he does, I REALLY won't complain because I'd love for him to stick around)

mer said...

but mostly I want Ray Shero to being Colby back. if he does, there will be blissful balance in the universe...

Stephanie said...

@gilld22 - I wouldn't mind seeing Colby back in black and vegas gold, but there would be other things I would prefer see happen and for what is speculated Shero is willing to give up, they'd have to get more than just Colby in return (he's not worth Whitney or Staal); John seems to think they may need 'help' in the locker room and he was always great for the guys' (and fans') morale.

@mer - I think you may be right about Staal staying; I'd really hate to see him go, but I believe they signed him so that they would be left with nothing if he went into free agency and signed elsewhere (at least signing him, they'd get something in return); we'll see how much he wants to stay here soon because, how I see it, if he wants to play here as badly as he says, he will no doubt take Sid and Geno's lead by agreeing to less.


gilld22 said...

I completely agree Stephanie, the Pens need far more than just Army if they are to get rid of Staal and Whitney.

I would love to see Jordan staying but I agree with you both - they just cant pay him and offer him the top lines, it just wont happen.

I completely agree with John too, they need someone to lighten the atmosphere / make things better in the locker room and Paul also says that may be a big problem - there are to many people (unnamed) that are just not playing as part of the team!!!

I wonder who will be in the team when I come to see them play!!!!

Lauren said...

As much as I would hate to see him go, I agree with Mer that I don't think the Pens can afford to pay Jordan Staal as much as he's worth. He's worthy of centering one of the top two lines, and with the two-headed monster sticking around for the long haul, I don't see Jordy getting his chance any time soon.

And I would love, love, love to see Colbs come home to Pittsburgh - I think he brings a certain chemistry to the team that we have been missing.

Regardless, the trade deadline always makes me anxious - I dread losing a favorite player, but love the idea of maybe gaining some great players. I just like the whole thing to be over with.

yubb said...

I can't stress enough how little I care to see Colby Armstrong back. He's not going to make the difference we need to get into and do well in the playoffs.

We need another big deal like we made last year with Hossa. We do NOT need a mediocre player; we have enough of those.

If we can't get some talent (not the abrasiveness that Colby brings) on Sid's line, we'll be lucky to make the playoffs.

Forget Armstrong. Think St. Louis.

Stephanie said...

@yubb - I totally understand your thinking. I personally do not like St. Louis (which has nothing to do with him as a player), but he would definitely bring a spark the Pens need and could possibly be good with Sid.

The names I've been seeing the most out there though are Armstrong, Whitney, and Staal, so it wouldn't surprise me; then again, it'll probably be something we would never expect Shero to do (like last year at the deadline)!!

THANKS for all your comments, guys -- keep them coming!!

yubb said...

Yeah, a lot of people dislike Whitney, though he was a +7 or something in the playoffs last year. I don't care for Staal much either. We in Pittsburgh like him because of his first season and all those shorties he had. He hasn't come close to that since then. However, he still has youth and maybe some potential to grow that make him a good trade asset.

But maybe the best idea is to say "screw it" and let us fall out of playoff contention this year and try to develop a longer-lasting solution than signing a great player with less than a year on his contract.

How long do St. Louis and the other trade prospects have on their contracts?

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Milan Hejduk (COL) - Um, trust me we don't really want him. Sure as hell, isn't worth Whits.

Martin St. Louis (TBL) - GO FOR IT, (even thought I want him for the Stars, who are also interested. and where he would be reunited with Brad Richards.)

Colby Armstrong (ATL) - I don't like him (never did), but Sid does and having him worked really well in the past.

Ryan Malone (I don't remember who, right now) - Personally, I think he's a better player. However, I think the Pens would rather have Armstrong.

No, I'm under no illusions, that Staal's going to be staying. The important part, is that we get what he's worth.

Penguins Pride said...

Why would we ever trade a player as talented as Whitney or Staal away for Colby Armstrong. Armstrong will never be any better than a third liner. I do think either Staal or Whitney should be traded for a scoring winger but am not sure i like any of the names i see out there. I heard the Senators may look to move Heatley who makes about 7.5 million a year, i would trade them Staal and Whitney to get Heatley and some picks.

Stephanie said...

@Penguins Pride - I don't think they are necessarily considering trading Whitney or Staal for Armstrong; it's just the names that have been popping up that Shero may be considering dealing (not specifically for Army - he for sure is not worth either of those players)!! Heatley would be an interesting consideration, but I'm honestly really tired of them shopping for a winger for Sid (nothing has worked to this point and they've lost / dealt alot with continuing to try and fail with doing it)!!

THANKS for the comments!!

Penguins Pride said...

I wouldn't say none of the wingers they got Crosby worked. Hossa and Crosby were awesome together but we were unable to keep him. Since then we have not giving him a respectable winger. Satan is clearly over the hill, and players like Dupuis, Cooke, and Kennedy are not first line players on any team. The only person we have that has the talent to be a first line winger is Malkin and i would much rather see him play center. As far as making a trade goes i would not trade Staal or Whitney for a rental player but would part with either of them for a legitimate young top six scoring winger that has a favorable contract.