Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power of Sid

Sid's workout site that I recently posted about is a big hit with his fans. The site is already on it's fourth week (and fourth workout routine) and was released to coincide with the new year when many people make a resolution to get in shape and start their workout routines.

According to The Calgary Sun, the interactive website received 120,000 hits the very first week it was online.

“We knew it would get a lot of attention, but this is really something,” said Evan Jones, who operates Stitch Media out of his home.

“It’s exciting to have an immediate reaction like this. Things usually build a bit slower in this business.”

An interesting side note is that strength trainer Andy O'Brien has been training Sidney since he was 13 years old!

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Anonymous said...

i could watch those videos all day long :]