Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I DON'T Want to Talk About It!

Really - I don't want to talk about the losing streak that the Penguins have been on or discuss reasons they may or may not be having trouble (not to mention they've had ONE GOAL in the last THREE GAMES - so very sad!) - I just DON'T, especially since I will be watching tonight's game at the Mellon Arena again!!

I'm hoping tonight will be AT LEAST 1 point (that's all - I'm not even asking for 2)!! Little steps - let's climb out of this hole, boys - I KNOW you can do it!!

No game summary tonight (even though I haven't been doing one) and I probably won't be able to post anything to the blog until later tomorrow morning since I'm leaving from work today and won't be getting home until LATE unless I get time at lunch today.

I can feel a win coming!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Well...hopefully it will be a fun night for you! And if nothing else, you'll get to see Colby and Crusher! :)