Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Pens Really Want Me to Eat My Words!

Thanks, guys!! I stand behind you, as a loyal fan, and this is what I get - the fifth straight loss at home!! It was the Florida Panthers for crying out loud; not Boston!

And what's worse is that I actually had to be present to witness it. Yes, I was at the Igloo yesterday to witness yet another massacre of our boys.

I have NO idea what's going on with them, but the only guys I saw playing well yesterday were TK, Cooke and, of course, Malkin - three players. I'm sorry, but you can't play let alone win a hockey game when you only have three players on the ice making a good effort!

I'm not sure where the problems lies, but its up to them to resolve it before it's too late, but it's very hard as a fan to sit back and watch it because we all know they're better than that.

Of course the crowd was taken out of the picture early yesterday and became a non-factor in the game. And then when Talbot decided to try to do something to swing the momentum, the fans were brought back to life and once again on the ready to recharge the team with the cheers and supportive "Let's Go Pens!" chants; however, ultimately, the effort was wasted by the rest of the team since they did not continue to carry the momentum and the game quickly returned to the dismal display of hockey it was!

Chants went from the uplifting "let's go pens" to frustration directed at Therrien with comments like, "give 'em a hug, Mikey!" as he walked off the ice towards the locker room. Funny, but very sad!

If I had to choose a highlight (besides getting to see Sid really pissed and wrestling on the ice with McLean for which he got the shaft with all those penalties!), it would have to be the return of Tyler Kennedy. That kid just doesn't stop and all he does is give 100% the majority of the time -- he looked better than most of them and that's after missing the last 14 games. I truly enjoy watching him play hockey - he's a gem!

Also noteworthy was the fact that it appears Satan is finally in Therrien's doghouse playing most of the game on every other line except the top line with Sid. Something I found sadly amusing was Satan receiving a minor penalty in the second period for roughing seeing as how he never really seems to go after the puck let alone get dirty for it. My opinion of him is slowly beginning to change and I'm getting a different impression of him -- the term "primadonna" is coming to mind strangely enough.

I don't have the answers; that's for the Penguins organization to sort out, but something has to be done here soon and I'm hoping it's not the demise of Therrien as head coach because that would be a shame IMO.


Lauren said...

I had considered getting student rush tickets for yesterday's game, and I'm glad I didn't. As much as I would have LOVED to witness Siddo's fight in person, I would've HATED seeing him in the box for pretty much the entire third period - while I know he deserved penalties for that, I definitely don't think he deserved as much as he did!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I agree, about Therrian. I actually think he doesn't know exactly whats wrong either. But he's done a great job, in the past. So I'm definitely not going to not back him now. I'm just hoping he figures it out fast.

My hope is that as we get near the trade deadline, something will become available. and no, I have no idea what, I'm not a scout. :(

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Staalsy and don't want him to go, i feel like it would be the best option for the pens.
We need someone up on the 1st line with sid. idk what to do.
or we could trade, like, eaton, or someone who doesn't score or do much.
everything is not therriens fault. he is just coach, he doesnt play.
dhgjehjk i'm frustrated

Stephanie said...

@Lauren - Sid definitely didn't deserve all those penalties; granted, he did deserve the penalties, but not 17-minutes worth!! I hate to call out the refs, but there was alot of things that didn't go the Pens way yesterday.

@Kena - I'm thinking Satan is gone closer to trading deadline (Shero probably already has a plan)!

@Molly - I think all of us Pens fans are frustrated, so you're not alone!!