Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 All-Star Starting Line-Up

Voting for the 2009 NHL All-Star team is over and posted the starting lineup on their webpage -- Sid and Malkin were the top two vote-getters so they'll be starting, but after a close race between Carey Price and Marc-Andre Fleury, Price won out and will be the starting goalie for the Eastern Conference.

The Eastern Conference seems to have a slight advantage over the Western Conference looking at the starters although I'll admit I'm not all that familiar with the WC players. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Take a look:

Isn't the Malkin - Crosby - Kovi line sweet?!! Now THAT will be interesting to watch!!

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"Isn't the Malkin - Crosby - Kovi line sweet?!!"

Euphoric!!!! (In so very many ways!!!)

Honestly besides these 3 I got "nothin" But this is quite the treat.

I'm really disappointed in the west. and NO it has nothing to do with the lack of stars players. They could be so much better represented.