Friday, January 2, 2009

Death of a Blog

So I was doing my usual internet blog browsing the other day and I came across a post on Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies (PSAMP) about another blog which I never really knew about and come to wish I had.

I honestly don't know what made me stop or even read it, but the message hit home so I felt the urge to put my thoughts about it here.

DOB: 06/15/2007
DOD: 12/18/2008

Alot of the Pittsburgh sportsblogs "before me" seem to (and still) manage to come about in "groups" and this was no different. For instance, I started my blog around the same time blogs like "Experiencing the Evolution," and "Pesonen and the Pens" did. PSAMP, as I do with these blogs, felt a certain kinship with DAI because they "grew" with each other as blogs which is why they felt the need to dedicate a post to the "passing" of DAI. It was sincere enough for me to want to know more, so I ventured over to read the final post for myself which I urge other bloggers to do if you haven't already.

As with any ending, it talked about how they got their start and how it evolved while being sure to make some valid points about the state of the Pittsburgh sports blogosphere (calling out a few of the more popular blogs).

The main reason for my being compelled to write about it is this: sometimes I do feel like my original intentions for this blog gets lost behind the pressure of certain things like limitations on my free time set by my regular "9-to-5" because Lord knows I do tend to post stuff just to have something on the blog -- that just seems to be the nature of the beast; however, it remains true that my love of hockey and the Pens is and will forever be the driving force of this blog.

I originally created this blog to talk hockey and the Pens -- something that I love to do and am very passionate about (so much so that it sometimes becomes too much for my husband to handle, if you can imagine that!). Probably no different than most other blogs, I use it as a venue to post my thoughts and opinions with others just as passionate as I am. The readers and friends I gathered along the way is just a very enjoyable benefit I have been very fortunate to come to know.

With all of this being said, I'm hoping that I can always remind myself of my original intent for TSCSF often enough that it drives me to find the time it deserves so that blogs like DAI can be proud and their unfortunate demise will not be in vain.

R.I.P "Doubt About It" (this post is dedicated to you and PSAMP for making sure your "passing" didn't go unnoticed).