Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SORRY for the Lack of Updates!!!

I apologize for that!!! THE MOST exciting time for the Pens and us fans and I slack off. I figured you'd give me a break since I've been celebrating since last Friday. I even talked John into going to the parade yesterday -- we have some great pictures (most were thanks to John - he's taller!)!!!! I'll be posting them here (with updates) SOON!!!!!!!!

So please bear with me and check back for some pictures and stories / news!!!!


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Toad268 said...

If you go about not even looking at the numbers, usually you would say no, just like in the Steelers case in the last post. However unlikely in that aspect, it is likely when you actually look at things. I have been looking at the free agents and bouncing them off of playing time, roles on the team, and points in the regular season. I also looked at how they contributed in the post season. Out of all these things comes the salary cap as well. I feel bad for Ray Shero. I will break it down for you and try to sound smart in the process, yeah, like that can happen!

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