Monday, June 29, 2009

Possibility of Signings Today

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh offered Guerin a one-year contract of an unknown amount, and Shero is confident "he wants to come back." They're looking for it to be final sometime today.

Penguins also expect to offer Fedotenko a deal on Monday as well. Fedotenko as well as Scuderi are both looking for a multi-year deal; however, Shero is expecting Scuderi to test free agency.
Although things haven't been looking good for Sykora being signed they "have not ruled out re-signing" him.
Guerin, Fedotenko and Sykora are believed to be seeking no-movement clauses, which would prevent them from being traded without consent and negate the possibility of minor-league assignments.
With almost $49 million committed against the $56.8 million cap for next season, the Penguins are counting on veterans to accept less money and term to return and again chase the Cup.

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Just some info I found, since Stephanie is away.

Penguins Sign Craig Adams To Two Year Contract.

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