Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Angle Shows Some Hometown Love in Detroit!!

Any TNA / WWE fans know that Olympic Gold medal-winning wrestler Kurt Angle is from Pittsburgh (I only know this because my husband was an avid wrestling fan and still watches, but not as obsessively as he once did).

TNA's 2009 Slammiversary was this past Sunday, June 21st in Detroit, MI at the Joe and of course Angle took the opportunity to antagonize the Detroit fans by coming out in a Sidney Crosby jersey.

From the Philadelphia Examiner:

Angle comes out in a Pittsburgh Penguins Sydney Crosby jersey... Great stuff,,, crowd boos it... Angle looks cool with beard and hair... Borash makes official announcements after all guys get in ring... Foley wearing tweak and tweet pants from Borash.. Lots of boos for Angle.... Cheers for Foley.... Joe puts on a Red Wings jersey and attacks Angle..

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