Friday, June 19, 2009

Penguins Free Agency Talk

The following is a list of Penguins players that will be free agents come July 1st:

Craig Adams (F)
Ruslan Fedotenko (F)
Bill Guerin (F)
Miroslav Satan (F)
Petr Sykora (F)
Mike Zigomanis (F)
Philippe Boucher (D)
Hal Gill (D)
Rob Scuderi (D)
Mathieu Garon (G)

Personally, I'd like to see Fedotenko, Guerin, Sykora, Scuderi, and Zigomanis stay; whether or not that will happen is yet to be seen. Sykora will probably be a long-shot since the talks between him and Pittsburgh hit a snag earlier in the season and he was benched for alot of the playoffs (what a difference a year makes, huh?!!).

Last night on "Savran on Sportsbeat," Stan mentioned that there's been talk of the Flyers being interested and actively shopping Hal Gill. I doubt that he'll stay in a Penguins uniform, but who he ends up with will probably depend on the interest and offers.

TIOPS is reporting from sources that Zigomanis is in talks with Pittsburgh since there's mutual interest in his remaining a Penguin and that a one- or two-year contract "will be finalized by the draft." Additionally, Metallurg Magnitogorsk is interested in Sykora as the KHL is interested in Satan (Pittsburgh will not make a deal with Sykora prior to July 1st and are not interested in re-signing Satan which isn't a surprise).


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I've been thinking about this too, and actually I could write a book. But I'll just give you all my guesses, so when I'm wrong on most of them we can all shake our heads and laugh.

Craig Adams (F) - Yes
Ruslan Fedotenko (F) - Maybe
Bill Guerin (F) - Yes [2 years, I just have a feeling on this one.]
Miroslav Satan (F) - Yes
Petr Sykora (F) - No
Mike Zigomanis (F) - Yes [quite cheap]
Philippe Boucher (D) - No [he was making a little noise about retireing when he was in Dallas, but I'm not sure he won't try to play some more now. Cup and all you know.]
Hal Gill (D)
Rob Scuderi (D) - Maybe [I refuse to commit on this one]
Mathieu Garon (G) - Yes

Ugh, that ended up longer than I though. Sorry.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Oops, missed one.

Hal Gill (D) - No