Thursday, June 18, 2009

Penguins SI Cover

Here is the Sports Illustrated regional cover for the latest issue featuring Sid with the Cup (06/21/2009)!! SWEET!

Also, the NHL network is planning on rebroadcasting the seven games of the SCF series between the Red Wings and the Penguins this Saturday beginning at 8 AM (est) - "Saturday with Stanley." For the entire schedule, visit

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City of Champions 2009 said...

It all began when the Lakers had to win on SUNDAY Game 5 of the NBA Championship and end the series. If they were to win game 6, none of this would have happened.

Patiently waiting to see My Pittsburgh Penguins on the cover of SI in my Florida Mail Box, I am now forced to beg my relatives in Pittsburgh to send me a "Regional Issue" the ones that are issued to the general public news stands in the Tri State area of Pennsylvania and surroundings. I do not care about the 6 bucks extra I have to pay to get one, the point is the EXPOSURE.

Unfair? Absolutely! Our Penguin issued was held back and unfortunately made into a regional due to the Sunday Laker win and $Greed$. Now 75-90% of the people across the Nation can see how Kobe and the Lakers are so great! The LA Lakers do not need any more marketing. The shame is that a hard working 21 year old Sports Phenom named Sydney Crosby is on the Backburner end of the NBA once again. That's right NBA! We all know who Michael is, but generally speaking Only Hockey Fans know of Mario.

I don't want to take anything away of Kobe Bryant, however The Young Penguin Center is far more Elite to his sport than Kobe is to his. Lets continue to market Kobe, the NBA has a larger fan base.. why not? If money is involved to be made by SI to sell millions of Laker covers around the nation and Hundreds of Thousands of "The Kid and The Cup" regional issues at outrageous News Stand prices so be it, at the expense of Pittsburgh Fans of course. But this does not help hockey. Only SI

People in Pittsburgh and Penguin Fans do not mind, or they are just too happy now to even care, but by placing KOBE/Lakers on the Nationwide exposure of the Most Popular Sports Magazine rather than Crosby and the Penguins which (by the way is well more deserved from their ending season & playoff run they had to accomplish to win the Cup) cuts down on future marketing for all of Hockey, the NHL, the Penguins, and should also mention 3 young special players only in their 20's already Legendary that deserves much more recognition.

The shame- how is the NHL ever going to amount up to the NBA? Never, because of pure greed$$$. This is one case where Crosby, the NHL, and the sport of Hockey should have been on the Nation Wide debut and have the Kobe Lakers on the Los Angeles regional. Note: even the State of Florida is much closer to Pittsburgh, we have a lot of Penguin Hockey Fans down here. Los Angeles is over 3000 miles away, so I thought??? LA has a large region I guess?

Hockey is a great sport, it could be even greater if SI would have not been so greedy! It's all about the Money and selling the most issues. Thank God for "regional issues" but don't thank Sports Illustrated! Fans in Pittsburgh think it's great to have their superstar finally on the cover of SI, but not really, this regional, it's no more like than just a photo of him on a local Pittsburgh Post Gazette, or another Hockey News Paper. Who's going to really see it other than Pitt's locals or on ebay??

But The Real Big mistake is What about all of the kids that are not too familiar with the sport of Hockey yet?? Who is their idol going to be, they will wind up playing basketball rather than perhaps hockey?? Their new hero is Kobe, not Sid the Kid, Geno, or even Alexander the Great. I hope you see the point! SI is a general sports magazine, golf, tennis. boxing, baseball, football, etc... to get on the national cover is a big deal. Hockey needs to be a bigger deal!

Us hockey fans all know that you will see a cover photo with a Crosby, a Malkin, or an Ovechkin on just about every hockey magazine printed these days, but it is not the same! I am more than Happy that the Penguins Won the Stanley Cup and could not begin to express the joy of this Great Win, along with the Steelers winning the SuperBowl in the same year.

Adding: SI gives Malkin the Stage Cover after he gets shafted from the Hart! Thanks a lot crappy sports writers!