Friday, June 19, 2009

No NHL Awards for the Penguins

Both Malkin and Crosby were not selected as trophy-winners at last night's NHL Awards ceremony.

Malkin was nominated for both the Hart Trophy and the Lester B. Pearson Award with Ovechkin taking home both of those. Crosby was nominated for the Mark Messier Leadership Award, but was beat out by Jerome Iginla. However, Malkin's speech after being presented with the Art Ross Trophy was priceless and he was endearing as ever!

How I see it, both of them won the best awards even though they came up short last night. They were both winners of the Stanley Cup and Malkin was the Conn-Smythe Trophy-winner. I think both of those are probably more rewarding than anything else they could've won!!

As a side note, Talbot and Malkin carried in the Stanley Cup (followed by head coach Dan Bylsma) up to the stage at the beginning of the ceremony. I was pretty impressed with how many of the award-winners and presenters congratulated the Penguins on their Stanley Cup win, especially Ovechkin -- classy!!

Also, the speech at the beginning of the ceremony given by Dennis Leary along with a montage about hockey players, the fans, and the sport gave me chills -- it was absolutely amazing and emcompassed the relationship among all three - GREAT STUFF!!

Did any of you happen to catch Ben Roethlisberger's message in between presentations? It was a surprise to see him during the ceremony, but I suppose it's because he's the QB of the NFL Champions.

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