Friday, February 13, 2009

Could There Be Truth to the St. Louis Rumor?!

I came across an interesting article posted on The Fourth Period (TFP) yesterday which mentions the Penguins interest in Bolts superstar Martin St. Louis.

Speculation since the All-Star break has been that the Penguins could be interested in St. Louis since they are in a never-ending search for the perfect wing-man for Sid and TFP is reporting that it could be more than just speculation.

Since the playoffs are pretty much out of reach for Tampa Bay at this point, the organization is focusing on the upcoming trade deadline to make more changes to the team and one of their top priorities is a top defenseman that the Penguins have [had] in Whitney.

So trading Whitney for St. Louis would appear to be a "win-win" situation for both teams; however, Whitney's trade value has gone done since he's returned to the Penguins' lineup. Although that doesn't necessarily mean a few "extras" added to the deal wouldn't entice the Bolts or that Whitney wouldn't play better for another team. And what wouldn't the Lightning like about Whitney since it would get them one player closer to becoming a team consisting entirely of former Penguins players (that's a perfect selling point right there!)!

According to TFP, Tampa Bay has had a number of scouts attending a few of the Penguins recent games including last Wednesday's win over the Sharks.


themissile1 said...

you came across it because pensblog said it first. all you bloggers need to get off the web and leave this stuff to the originals.

Stephanie said...

@themissile1 - and all you readers who think you know it all should stop reading my blog if you don't like it (if I'm not mistaken, you've left comments before so you must like something about my blog to keep coming back!) ---

for your information, I didn't even visit Pensblog yesterday (since I schedule my posts the day before they're even posted) and those who think Pensblog is so great should actually get over themselves because maybe us bloggers read the same sites they do (isn't that far of a stretch since they're big name sites!)!! Don't they have to get their information from somewhere (maybe they should stop copying all the "big names" too!)!!

If you don't like it, don't read it (and especially don't leave comments)!!!

And I find it amusing that you're so confident to leave negative comments when you keep your blogger profile private (chicken shit!)!!!

themissile1 said...

does your mother know you are on the internet using a potty mouth? looks like someone needs to go in timeout.

firstly, i've never even been to this site before today. to be honest, i don't even know how i got here. but since you got so jumpy i might have to come back and see what else you steal from other sites. your reaction makes me think you realize you are a hack.

secondly, who schedules posts days in advance? you make it sound like this is your job. go outside and try to find a boyfriend/girlfriend to occupy your time.

not sure what you are talking about private blogger profile. i don't have my credit card information on there if that is what you are looking for. i realize that is a good move because you would just steal it.

pens87fan71 said...

@themissile1 no one wants to hear you complain! and Stephanie is very good at what she does-informs people of what they need and want to know!and like Stephanie said if you don't like it then don't read it!