Friday, February 20, 2009

Anyone Remember Billy Tibbetts?

Then again, how could anyone forget this former Pittsburgh Penguin?!! In his 82 games during his professional NHL career, he recorded 269 penalty minutes (ring any bells now?)!!

Need more to refresh your memory? Below is a video of classic Tibbetts (sucker-punching Hordichuk -- :40 seconds in).

Anyway, the Huntsville Havoc (of the SPHL - Southern Professional Hockey League) just signed him to a three-game tryout.
"Billy has made some mistakes in the past, but I've known him since we were kids," Soltys said. "He just wants to play hockey and help some of the younger players not make the same mistakes he has made. Plus, he is still a tremendous hockey player and should help us greatly down the stretch."


Tibbetts fan said...

I know Tibbetts well and it is true he is still a hell of a hockey player. If some fans, bloggers, sponsers and sports writers, to name a few would stay of his back and stop rehashing his life and what they think of it, he might have a chance to play hockey. Imagine defending yourself every new town you are in.It would wear down any hockey player's heart and soul. It is a testimony to Billy that he still wants to play and hasn't thrown in the towel that mops up so may peoples sarcasm, gossip and ill-will. Kudos to you Billy.

Stephanie said...

I don't think anything about my post included rehashing his life, any sarcasm, gossip or ill-will. It was a post and was about his getting another chance with the Havoc!!

Geez - take a chill pill (but thanks for the comment)!!

mostoller5 said...

He played for the Chiefs too.

Snakebstr said...

Billy Tibbetts has played a few game with the huntsville havoc now and is doing a great job. I think he has scored 5 goals in two games and has a total of 8 goals in 9 games. I think everyone needs to put the past in the past and let the man play some hockey. Come visit us and billy at the SPHL. You can go to the site or, I will also say that the huntsville havoc is against the knoxville Ice bears in the play-offs starting thursday 3-26-09.

realduder said...

I know tibbetts too and he is a real piece of sh*t. the guy is a time bomb. he seriously has a chemical imbalance. i have watched him go from being the nicest guy in the world to the biggest scum bag in the world in a matter of three seconds. he brings all the criticism and bad press on himself. when we make mistakes in life, they follow us until we can prove that it was just a mistake by contradicting it with our actions. billy continues to show us every few months that nothing in his past was a mistake but that he is a sick individual , in need of serious help or long term institutionalization. there is even rumors that in the offseason, billy is a lowlevel cocaine dealer. this guy is priceless. he'll tell you everything you want to hear then completely act out oppositely. just because someone is a hockey player doesnt mean that we should look past their character. if this wasnt a former NHLer we are talking about who has done so much wrong in his life, then it would be difficult to find anyone to support him. its a shame. wake up people. he is a sociopath. he'll say wat he has to to get sympathy or anything else he needs especially if it is in a young girls pants