Friday, September 4, 2009

Talbot Prefers Montreal Women

Although I do not speak French, I translated the page this video came from ( which said, "Video: Max Talbot and women" and "Our partners interviewed Maxim Talbot. We learn interesting things: Talbot prefer women in Montreal!"

See for yourself!

As my own sidenote, not only does Max get a strike for admitting that he prefers Montreal women (does he think we won't find out?!), but he gets another strike for that sweater / vest!!! Does he get dressed in the dark during off-season or is that how they like their men to dress in Montreal (in that case, the women of Montreal can HAVE him!)??? : P



swissmiss said...

yeah he was also hitting on that woman big time, but he did say that the women in montreal are dressed better and the nightlife is better there. shame on you max, don't bite the hand that feeds you! :) (in this case fame...!)

Jenna Candusso said...

Oh I like the sweater. :)

Cat said...

I was disappointed to hear Max make a comment like that, but I still adore him. But that sweater has got to go. Anyone have a match?