Thursday, September 24, 2009

G20 Gift Packs - I Want One!!

So the President will be receiving yet ANOTHER Penguins jersey just because he chose Pittsburgh as the site of the G20 Summit - this one dons "09" instead of "44" (*sigh*). In addition, world leaders will be getting a taste of Pittsburgh with the gift boxes they'll be receiving which includes either an autographed puck or jersey!!
"And today and through these gifts, we're ensuring that the culture in this city travels home to countries all around the world," said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.
You can bet that Ravenstahl received one of these gift packs - just because (he's probably received several of these types of gift packs over his tenure as Pittsburgh's mayor!)!!



Adesta said...

Can I create my own little country and attend?

I just want one of those gift packs!!!

Val said...

@Adesta - you could be the head honcho, and I'll be your assistant because you might not like everything you get in the gift pack, so you could pass it on to me :)

Stephanie said...

BOTH VERY GOOD IDEAS @Adesta and @Val!!!

What would you name your little country?? : P

gilld22 said...

Can I join the new country too, would love one of those gift bags... I hate having virtully no means of getting any Pens memorabilia... (thanks again to Stephanie and Val for helping with that)!!!

Adesta said...

I'm sure among us four we can come up with a catchy name for our new country.

I hate not being able to head down to the arena at any time to see a game now. Living 500+ miles away will do that to ya

Thank God for the Center Ice package on cable every year!