Thursday, June 30, 2011

UPDATE: BEST "Jagr Watch" Development YET - Philly Source Reports Pens Webpage Ready with "Welcome Home" [Jagr] Theme Tomorrow at Noon

Since posting this, Rob Rossi has decided to rain on everyone's JagrWatch parade.  What happened to being the bearer of good news and all the positive spins he's been putting on his reports?  Humph ... he just HAD to include this little tidbit in his most recent article that he posted late last night:
In anticipation of a Jagr signing, the Penguins have constructed web pages with tributes to his career, complete with video montages and Jagr-related items.
Could this be a matter of interpretation, re-hashing, and then reporting it as a new spin - making it sound better than it is even though it may be the truth (on the part of Mr. SanFilippo / his source)?  In other words, has Mr. SanFilippo and his source really told us anything new? We have, in fact, heard that (according to those close to Lemieux) Jagr told Lemieux he would sign with Pittsburgh; and now (thanks to Mr. Rossi), we know that the Penguins organization has, in fact, constructed web pages as tribute to Jagr.

Does that prove that Jagr is, in fact, signing with the Penguins and the announcement is to be made tomorrow (today) at 12 noon?

I'd say we're back to square one, Pens Nation and I'm going to bed! : (

HOLD ON ... this is going to be an even bumpier ride!!

From a Philly source (of all things) ... Anthony J. SanFilippo, Flyers beat writer for The Delaware County Daily Times first emailed KDKA's Jory Rand (from my own personal account) the information contained in the article he recently posted to Daily Time's webpage (part of which I posted below):

Just got off the phone with someone I trust.

I was told Jagr has already told Lemieux that he's going to sign with Pittsburgh and that the Penguins have a huge front page for their Web site ready to go live at Noon tomorrow with a big "welcome home" theme.

Why the delay then?

From what I was told Jagr's agent Petr Svoboda may have been trying to lure another team into offering Jagr a bit more money so he can put a PR spin like "I turned down more money to come back to Pittsburgh."

While some are doubting a legitimate reason for Petr Svoboda to include "bidding wars" to acquire higher offers when there seems to be no point to it, consider the argument Faceoff Factor presents (Matt explains it nicely)!

This just keeps getting more and more unbelievably amazing ... JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, THERE'S MORE TO PULL YOU BACK IN (even more incredible than the last)!!


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