Thursday, June 30, 2011

JagrWatch Update: A Few New Developments, But NO Decision

There seems to be a flood of information that came out over the internet earlier today and it's all still very frustrating.  I'll try to dissect some of what I've heard / read the best that I can.

JUST IN: Rossi to post updates shortly ... since this ended up being so long (and LATE), I'll put any updates in a separate post I just can't seem to finish this post ... I published it earlier but noticed I hadn't read it over and it wasn't completely done, so now it's late, LATE and here's a LINK to Rossi's latest article --> Pens still don't know Jagr's decision

MOST RECENTLY, Mark Madden reported on 105.9 The X that sources are saying Svoboda denies there was a deadline for Jagr's decision.  So who's lying?!  Many sources state, as Rob Rossi has, that Lemieux has told those close to him that Jagr will be a Penguin once again (do they know something we don't?).  [If not] this just magnifies the negative impact this will have on his relationship with Lemieux and Pittsburgh if he signs elsewhere.  I agree with Madden in the fact that if he does sign with another team, his legacy in Pittsburgh means nothing to him which I find really upsetting.

And then there's Pierre McGuire (my buddy, "Fee-Fee") who is reporting that the Penguins offer to Jagr was only between $1.3 and $1.5 million.  That's what many participating in the #JagrWatch have been referring to as "low-balling" and I really don't think the Penguins would do that to JJ.  Pittsburgh has enough under cap, leaving them enough for future use, to offer him a generous $2 million which is rumored to be what he wanted, so I'm not sure I would start putting stock in my funny, bald, little "Fee-Fee" now!

Have I mentioned that the Flyers want thrown in the hat?  No, I'm not joking, they seriously want a chance at Jagr too (according to TSN's Darren Dreger via @DarrenDreger)!  Wouldn't that just be the cherry on top of a shit sundae?!

I also want to make sure I relay this to all of my readers in order to relieve any panic some sources may be causing / have caused today:


The "Move is on to put out ton of misinformation" just screams "Svoboda is shady" to me and makes me quite nervous!  A little part of me considered that Svodboda was the "puppetmaster" in all this drama and it frustrates me that even though it wouldn't be far off from the Jagr we've come to know and love (being so "wishy-washy" unable to make a decision then when he does, he second-guesses himself) that he would allow someone else to make a decision that could effect his future with Pittsburgh so dramatically.  That's even more of a reason to believe that Svoboda is behind most of this ("I smell a rat and sense a double-cross" -- M. Madden). Or, I suppose, Svoboda is trying to do his job and create more interest ($) for Jagr; HOWEVER, in doing that, Svoboda does not have Jagr's best interest in mind when it comes to Pittsburgh and his career ... it's like leading him to a death sentence where his legacy as a hockey player is concerned, for sure ... FORGET returning to Pittsburgh and retiring the jersey, I would guess especially since Lemieux himself has made comments about being fairly certain that Jagr would sign with Pittsburgh.

With as much time and emotion I've invested in these past few days, I'm exhausted and feel quite deflated like my emotions tossed around too much.  If he doesn't sign with Pittsburgh, my days of defending him are over because that's the dumbest move I believe he could ever make and no amount of rationalization will ever make me believe otherwise (it's the last straw).  I will include myself in the vast majority of Pens Nation who already feel highly disappointed and led astray by Jaromir Jagr.

I hope that never comes to pass, but time will tell (and we will know, for sure, tomorrow).  His homecoming, which team he really wants to sign with, the greed / money, how many years he'll play, and his legacy are all irrelevant as far as I'm concerned because all I want is what the Pens organization as well as the rest of the fans want and I'll use Madden's words to sum that up: 

"Jagr owes the city of Pittsburgh a straight answer."

It's as simple as that.

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