Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Talbot's Negotiating Rights Traded to Toronto? I'm Not Buying it JUST YET ...


Just as I posted this, the Tribune-Review via Twitter (@JoshYohe) posted this:

Talbot's agent, Pat Brisson: Talbot's rights have NOT been traded to Toronto, or to anyone, for that matter.

This just reported by (rough translation by Google Translate).

When translated, the article only reports what Shero said at the Entry Draft (this past weekend) and nothing about the Leafs.  To paraphrase, Shero said that he expects Max to "depart" and he wishes him well.  I'm still not certain about this report.  Ultimately says that Toronto acquired Talbot's negotiating rights and they have until Friday at 12 noon or Talbot can walk away for any other offer he gets (which could also mean that he could decide to stay with Pittsburgh as well). says, "The message is clear enough."  IS IT?  You decide:

The player who gave victory to the Penguins in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final of 2009 with two goals he is on his departure?

The answer is yes. The Chief Penguins, Ray Shero I made the statement at the entry draft: "I expect the departure of Max Talbot. I wish him well and he will never be forgotten in Pittsburgh. "The message is clear enough.

Maxime Talbot has not to worry as nearly a dozen NHL teams could make him the eye July 1.

Maybe I'm missing something or found the wrong article.  How do you get that Talbot's negotiating rights have been traded to Toronto from that?  I'm not quite sure.  Personally, I find it laughable that with the article above, even Pittsburgh news stations are beginning to report on this "news."  I'm guessing it's just the era of the internet and media and print sources' desire to be first and fast (I suppose I can't blame them).

But I'm not going to put much stock into this one until I see more sources report; perhaps until I read it on the Penguins official webpage (even TSN is reporting on what RDS said ... "according to an RDS report").

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