Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guerin Pittsburgh's New Player Development Coach

The Penguins recently announced that they've named former player, Bill Guerin, as the new player development coach.

According to the official webpage, Guerin will work with Penguin prospects (helping with the development of players in the minor leagues as well as junior and college hockey).
“Billy has only been retired as a player for one year, so he brings a new and very contemporary perspective to the position,” Shero said. “He is going to be a big asset to our young prospects throughout the organization, and to our staff.”
It's nice to have him back with the Penguins organization even though we probably won't see much of him (he'll be working more "behind the scenes" now)!


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Cat said...

I'm so delighted to hear that Billy G is back! It sounds like a perfect job for him. Even though he wasn't with the team for a lot of years he was clearly a very special player and man. He was a mentor to many of the players on the team and I think he is exactly the kind of guy who can do that for years to come. I can't wait to hear more about him in the years to come. I'm sure there will be more Penguins who thank him for what he did for them.