Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Talbot Turns Down Leafs Deal

[Thanks to a tip from @pensexperience]

From "The Spin on Sports" in The Star, Talbot turned down a 4 year / $6.8 million ($1.7 per year) deal and still wants to test the market on Friday.
Various reports in the past few hours have linked the Leafs to Max Talbot of the Penguins, an eight-goal scorer who may command somewhere around $2 million a year in this inflationary market. The Penguins were willing to send his rights to the Leafs for a fifth round pick and let the Leafs talk to Talbot's agent first, but the two sides couldn't come up with a deal. It's suggested the Leafs were willing to do something in the neighborhood at four years, $1.7 million per, but there was no agreement and Talbot will see what kind of offers he can attract on Friday.

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