Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is This Groundhog Day 2 (Jagr's Return)? I Sure Hope Not!

Phil Connors: Excuse me, where is everybody going?
Fan on Street: To Gobbler's Knob. It's Groundhog Day.
Phil Connors: It's still just once a year, isn't it?
from the movie "Groundhog Day"

That's what I feel like right now with all this Jagr nonsense.  I woke up wondering if today will play out like yesterday or if it will ever end although I have NO IDEA what's going on nor can I use this day (or the next) to change the outcome.  I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER NOW no matter what the outcome.  As I'm sure most of you who spent the majority of yesterday hanging on every word, article, rumor, report, and TWEET about Jagr's decision are, today I am exhausted and very close to being "over it [him]!"

GREAT photo
(taken from Pittsburgh Trib-Rev)
With that, here are some of the latest happenings with #JAGRWATCH 2011:
  • As of earlier this morning (according to the latest Rob Rossi article), Petr Svoboda claims that Jagr IS in New York and that he (Svoboda) was scheduled to meet with Shero "shortly" with Rossi adding that this was 9:20 AM.
  • Svoboda is also claiming that a decision will be made by the end of today
  • Jagr's "heart is in Pittsburgh," but this decision is a tough one for him (this makes me uneasy especially when considering the following Svoboda quote ...)
  • "We are going to exchange some things," Svoboda said, adding that he would also speak with Detroit and Montreal about Jagr." from Rossi (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • Rossi's opinion (via @RobRossi_Trib):  "Pens have made their offer.  Cannot forsee them 'exchanging things.'"
  • While on Sports Talk on Trib Live this morning, Rossi stated that, "according to many, many people around the league and those close to Mario he is confident a deal is going to get done ..." (since Lemieux personally spoke to Jagr last week, if he does decide not to sign with the Penguins, this would be such a blow to that connection (and this entire idea of a homecoming to rebuild some of the bridges Jagr burnt when he left Pittsburgh especially when Lemieux seems to be so set on the notion of making things right where Jagr is concerned so the organization can rightfully honor him as part of Penguins successful history; I just can't see Jagr doing that to his "idol," but you just never know ... who really would've thought that birthing turtles would keep Jagr's plane from landing at JFK?!)
Two (ok, maybe three) things I know for sure ...
  1. #JagrWatch WILL END (and we won't have to wait much longer because tomorrow is July 1st)
  2. although this may all just be "Jagr being Jagr," this isn't any way to start (or gain closure) with the Penguins organization or the fans of Pittsburgh - if he does not end up in Pittsburgh, I am certain he will get more than "booed" upon his arrival at the CONSOL with the NHL team of his choice (can you say "Hossa?!"; personally, I can say that until I hear more about this entire situation and thoughts FROM JAGR HIMSELF, I am a little frustrated with him and may remain so (and I have been a fan of his from the beginning ... have always come to his defense and not only did I not take part in the harmonious "boos" from Pens fans, it would actually make my skin crawl ...)
  3. this was ONE HELL OF A RIDE that we Pens fans will never forget and will continue to talk about for years to come (I mean, seriously, you can't even make up anything better with a story like this!)
So until Jagr SHITS AND GETS OFF THE POT, check back here for breaking news and updates ... although I won't be as consumed with Twitter as I was yesterday, I will be keeping close track of this Jagr saga!!

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