Friday, November 27, 2009

Save the Igloo!

With the opening of the new Consol Energy Center approaching (Fall 2010), there has been many active campaigners against the demolition of the current Penguins home, Mellon Arena -- lovingly referred to by all as "the Igloo."

I never really knew the vast history of it (I knew some), but apparently my knowledge didn't even begin to scratch the surface of the life that this building has had.

If you are someone who believes that something should be done with the Mellon Arena instead of just having it demolished (or even if you've never thought about it), it's worth your time to read what some people are saying / actively campaigning be done to reuse the Mellon Arena.

Currently, there is a petition against the demolition of the building and have it made a historical landmark.

I urge you to read up on this issue and consider signing the petition before it's too late.

THIS IS OUR HOME (that holds many valuable memories) - let's join together to do what we can to preserve it.


Daniel said...

Honestly, I think the Igloo is little more than a monument to the destruction of a fair portion of our city.

Sure, there are wonderful hockey memories there, but Pittsburgh would be far better off encouraging economic development and a more connected downtown area.

citywatcher said...

Daniel, We can repair the damage done..."encouraging economic development and connecting downtown is the goal of reuse! take the time to look at the whole presentation...