Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talbot and Gonchar BOTH Return!!!!

The Penguins recalled defenseman Chris Lee (Penguins are reporting that Mark Eaton left practice early yesterday and did not participate this morning due to back spasms and will be a gametime decision after warmups) - if Eaton is out, that would mean ALL SIX of their starting defenseman are out - WOW!! AND (for some GOOD news!) ...

both Talbot and Gonchar will be in tonight's lineup against the Ottawa Senators -- YEESSSSSSSSS!!!

It IS official!!


Zigh said...

back spasms... finger infections... seriously... I think the Pens are making things up now lol.

YAY for Gonch and Talbot being back though!!! =D

Stephanie said...

I know! I was telling my one friend today that they must have a thing going for the most creative injury!! : P

I'm so excited to see Talbot and Gonch back!!