Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Playlist for Your Pittsburgh Penguins

Again, I'm taking it that since the "Game Night Producer" was introducing all these songs during the broadcast that they're actually songs you'll hear on any given game night. "The music that pumps your Penguins up!"

(these playlists also appear as a widget on the right-hand side of this blog)!!

  • Little Sister -- Queens of the Stone Age
  • People of the Sun -- Rage Against the Machine
  • Photograph -- Weezer
  • Fade to Black -- Metallica
  • Wings of a Butterfly -- HIM
  • Just Because -- Jane's Addiction
  • Ignorance -- Paramore
  • The Good Left Undone -- Rise Against
  • Bad Luck -- Social Distortion

What I'm hoping to do eventually is find a widget that I can just load the songs of each player on my blog, so check back soon (I remember seeing / using one before, it's just a matter of finding it again!)!!

I compiled these lists by listening to the "Penguins Playlists" on Penguins HD2 radio station.

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