Saturday, October 17, 2009

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins Goalie)!

The Penguins are wearing their baby blue alternate uniforms today against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The majority of fans feel that they're bad luck seeing as how the team's record isn't that great when they wore them last season (3-5-2); however, when asked, Fleury doesn't think it's a big deal.
"I think it's a coincidence, I guess," Marc-Andre Fleury said. "Maybe I will try wearing a black shirt underneath. Maybe a black shirt would be good luck."
And just as comical (so I'll include it in this post), HC Bylsma had a funny response (keeping in mind that teams tend to struggle after returning home from a long road trip):
"That’s why we’ve planned to wear the light blue jerseys (laughs). We figure two negatives make a positive. There is some evidence that coming back from a road trip, you’re back home, you take a deep breath and come out not as hard, not as focused. We’re talking about the mental side of it. Certainly different teams are different in that regard."

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Cat said...

ROFL - too funny! I especially love Flower's comment about the black shirt. I wish we got to see more interviews with him in a relaxed atmosphere, he has such a wonderful dry sense of humor. And who knew Byslma was so funny too? I guess no-one should worry about the jerseys. Unless they lose tonight - then I want them burned.