Friday, June 20, 2008

STOP the Madness!

Am I wrong, or is this the worst off-season for trade rumors (now that I think of it, hasn't this been the type of season for acquiring a multitude of "bandwagoners"?)?

These Malkin rumors have gotten a bit out of control - the press is even covering them! How many times do the rumors need squashed before they end? Let's take a look:
Malkin isn't going anywhere, people! What has happened to PENS Nation and what more do we need to end this panic? Are we that bored already? I know the past season was one to remember and we're probably all still on a little "high" from the SCF, but isn't there something better to do (the NHL draft is on for crying out loud!)? Malkin himself has said that he sees an extension coming (and that he doesn't need "Sidney money" and is "easy to deal with"!)!

Let me just say to long-time Penguins fans, don't let all of this panic sidetrack you from what you know to be true. Shero will get the job done (he's done it before) and we will once again have a Cup-contending team by the start of the 2008-2009 season -- it may not look the same, but the majority of it will be back together with a few tweeks. And to the bandwagoners, lets stop for a moment and take a deep breath, let it out and listen to me tell you that it will be OK. This is the way the cap works. Teams cannot remain the same year after year which is why it was put in place (to make it harder for organizations to stack teams). Yes, Malone will be a big loss; and it's always tough to lose players (especially when they are your favorite), but if you're going to become a true PENS fan, you have to roll with the punches and stick by the team year-in and year-out!!

Even though it's actually the shortest in a few years and we only have about 3 months to go - THIS IS GOING TO BE THE LONGEST OFF-SEASON EVER IF THE RUMORS CONTINUE!


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