Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gone, Baby, GONE?

Yet another player lost to free agency?!

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported on Saturday, 06/21/2008, "Hossa to test free agency, declines Penguins' offer." and even though it really doesn't confirm whether or not he will be returning as a Penguin, it's seemingly all but official that he won't - at least that's my opinion. And I'm not sure this actually bothers me.

Now, losing Ryan Malone bothers me!

Freeing up approximately $50 million creates a greater possibility of signing alot more of the long list of free agents which allows more of the team to stay together.

I know Hossa is a great player and brought alot to the Penguins and, without him, we may not have gone as far, but I was never really sold on the idea of his staying, especially when it took SO MUCH money away to sign more of our valuable FA.

But, then again, this is why I'm not a GM and why Shero was hired! So I guess I'll have to trust in "the powers that be"!

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