Sunday, June 22, 2008

From Russia [to Pittsburgh] with LOVE!

It was reported today by Pittsburgh news station WTAE-TV, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that Malkin is close to an extension deal with the Pens (article: "Malkin nears new deal with Penguins").

Although it isn't anything we haven't already heard this weekend, it gives specifics on the deal. I would assume this means that Malkin would be close to signing the extension shortly after July 1st since they are not allowed to due so prior to this date according to the NHL collective bargaining agreement; and Malkin himself said, "he expects the extension will be signed 'soon' after that date," in a Rob Rossi article.

And it continues to be made clear that Malkin wants to STAY in Pittsburgh!

"He came here for a reason," Shero said. "He came to the National Hockey League
to play in Pittsburgh.
The deal is said to be for 5-6 years at $8.5 million per year.

"He wants to stay in Pittsburgh," said J.P. Barry, his agent. "He wants them to
keep as many players as they can, so we're working on a term and a structure
that will hopefully do that.
It seems as though Malkin and I are on the same page at least (but I think Malkin is in a better position to have action taken on what he believes is best for the team!). So somehow I feel like Malkin will act on my behalf in the interest of the team (don't I WISH!)!

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