Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sutton Heats Up Game 2 by Making Questionable Hit on Leopold (and a Pittsburgh Reporter)

There hasn't been any recent update on the status of Jordan Leopold today.  Last word came late last evening when HC Bylsma responded to the question at the post-game press conference, "he is being evaluated. Obviously he didn’t return to the game. He is suffering from the hit. He will be evaluated further tomorrow to see where he is at."  Although from the looks of it last night, I'd be willing to say he'll probably feel the effects of that hit for a little while and wouldn't be ready to get back on the ice anytime this series.

And no official word yet on whether or not Ottawa Senators towering D-man Andy Sutton will receive any repercussion from the league, but there's been PLENTY of debate about it!!  Even as close as my living room - my husband, John, believes it was a clean hit whereas I find it questionable which I believe illustrates the fact that the NHL and those who dish out the punishments remain and will forever be inconsistent unless hits like this are an automatic "suspension" or "no suspension."  Make a ruling REGARDLESS of the situation (intent, no intent, blind-side, not blind-side, elbow, no elbow, etc... you get the picture!) and just STICK TO IT!! 

But, just as Sutton was so eager to point out to a Pittsburgh reporter last night in a post-game interview, I'm no expert!  And regardless of what the final word is on this hit, it will continue to be debated, I'm sure.  One thing is certain, it gave the Penguins an extra 'jump' in their skates for the rest of the game even though they were already playing a pretty physical game to begin with.

Speaking of Sutton in his post-game interview with reporters last night, the heated battle continued off the ice as the Ottawa blueliner made it very clear that he wasn't in the mood to discuss the hit when one unfortunate soul decided to ask him about it (from yesterday's Toronto Sun):

“It was just a hit like any other hit I’ve been doing this year,” said the 6-foot-5 Sutton. “I saw the guy’s head down. I moved towards him and I think it was a clean hit.”
Asked if he’d seen a replay that “showed” Sutton got his elbow up, the blueliner got his back up.

“Are you asking me or are you telling me?,” Sutton shot back at the reporter.

“I’m asking you,” said the Pittsburgh-based writer. “It was on the replay.”

“So, you’re an expert,” replied Sutton. “So you say you saw it and you’re an expert? You’re not an expert.”

Sutton said he felt a hit by Sidney Crosby on Jarkko Ruutu in the third should have been penalized.

“I think the hit on Jarkko was way worse and I got suspended for hitting Pascal Dupuis earlier this year for the exact same hit. I don’t know why mine’s going to be hotly contested,” said Sutton.
For another "angle" on what went down from Ian Mendes, a reporter who actually was there to witness this, VISIT (who states that Sutton didn't come out to talk to the media already tense or on the defense).  And to see the interview for yourself, CLICK HERE!!

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Zigh said...

Ok so... part of me kept thinking "maybe he really didn't intend for it to be a dirty hit", until I saw that interview.

I mean, apologise, say it was an accident and move on. Don't start ripping into someone just because they're doing their job.
In the replay he does hit with his elbow, and the reporter was giving him an out.

Snapping back and making yourself look like a douche, doesn't help you out any.

I help Rupper mops the ice with him in game 3. Srsly.