Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bylsma Holds EARLY Morning Practice Today (8:30)!

Bylsma held practice early this morning to help the team keep focus and put the pieces back together from last night's loss to the Bolts. Everyone participated, but Malkin left early.

Here's one LGP message board poster's account of this mornings practice at the Igloo (FUNNY, FUNNY stuff!)!!

THANKS for the laugh, "Bob McKenzie!!"

Anyone want to have fun taking a stab on what the players practice will be like tomorrow?

1) Letang being forced for hours to shoot the puck until he can
hit the net 90% of the time

2) Goligoski being forced for hours to shoot the puck instead of passing up open shots; takes a berating from Evgeni Malkin, telling him "You'll never be Sergei Gonchar..."

3) Lemieux comes on the ice in skates and full Pens gear. Tells the guys they look like horse dookie out there. Looks each player in the eye and tells them to question themselves and whether they are winners. Tells them he's seen more effort out of his son's team than what the Pens did against TB. Tells them he forced Sid to paint the fence, and wax on, wax off all night at the house. Tells the Pens to skate back and forth for 30 minutes and doesn't want to see them until the ice melts from their puke.

4) Shero comes out on the ice. Basically does a WTF? He asks the players how much do they really want to win. Asks them if they think Bylsma would want them to play this way. Shero tells Bylsma to hit the entrance music, and then you hear Ric Flair's music...and out comes walking to the ice, Michel Therrien. Therrien holds up four fingers like he's a member of the four horsemen. Shero asks the players if they want Therrien back in charge and lets them know he's still under contract.

5) Orpik gets a microphone and then proceeds to give a Stone Cold Steve Austin speech to the team about how they are playing like a bunch of pansies who want to go golfing early this year. Asks each one of them, while staring at them with the crazy eye, "Do you want me to go golfing early? I don't like golfing..." Then when he gets to Sid, he tells him, "You really don't believe that horsecrap you tell the media about us playing hard and just not picking up the W do you? Sid looks for Mario. Malkin has a puddle underneath him and says "I'm score. Successful = Sex Full."

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Walt said...

Yes well they have to stay sharp, Super Mario taking to the ice speaks volumes.
I like the Pens chances on coming out of the East again this year too. Washington is strong but their goaltending is suspect. Other than Brodeur, Fleury is the next best and I don't think the Devils have the horses to stay with the Pens.
Was wondering also if you would like to link blogs?
Walt AKA All Sports on the Web
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