Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letang's New KICK-ASS Tattoo

This video has been making it's rounds, but I first saw it a few days ago on Facebook.  It's obviously of Letang having a casual conversation with a good friend (unfortunately in French), but it shows a very large tattoo on his arm which he got over the Olympic break.

FORTUNATELY, I also came across some translation of part of the conversation at PSAMP that explains the tattoo is a tribute to his grandmother and his best friend, Luc Bourdon, who you may remember passed away close to two years ago in a motorcycle accident.
Top portion of the tattoo is dedicated to his grandmother. Kris says that she always has been there for him.

Bottom portion of the tattoo and the guitar part is obviously dedicated to Letang’s best friend and former roommate Luc Bourdon who used to play for Vancouver Canucks and tragically died in a motorcycle accident on May 29, 2008. During the 2008 NHL Draft, the Canucks’ management wore guitar pins to remember Bourdon, because he was an avid guitarist.

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