Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pens - 7, Sens - 4
Pens lead series 3-1

Ottawa Senators webpage
RECAP (04/20/2010)

Ottawa Citizen
Scanlan: Time ticking down on Senators' season after 7-4 loss (04/21/2010)
Senators come up short in ‘must-win’ game versus Pens (04/21/2010)
Penguins maintain it’s not over yet (04/21/2010)
The view from Pittsburgh: Crosby, Pens skate circles around Senators (04/21/2010)
Too many Sens mistakes (04/21/2010)
Slip, slip, slipping away (04/20/2010)
Small mistakes add up to big series deficit for Senators (04/20/2010)

Metro Canada - Ottawa
Daunting task ahead: Struggling Senators head to Pittsburgh for must-win Game 5 (04/20/2010)
Sidney Crosby has four-point night in Penguins' 7-4 win over Sens (04/20/2010)
Cap situation worse than it first appears (04/21/2010)

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CrackerLilo said...

Gotta say, I kinda like all this. Should the Pens have to face another team based in a country's capital during the playoffs, I hope they are just as overwhelming. Yesterday I read an article from Ottawa describing Crosby as a "slippery little dynamo", then going on to talk about how impressive he was. But, you know, series ain't over yet, which I hope the Pens remember tomorrow night. I really don't want the series to have to go back to Ottawa, and to have to look at the Ottawa fans' tacky body paint and wigs.