Monday, April 12, 2010

Crosby and Stamkos Share the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy

Yesterday Crosby scored his 50th and 51st goals of the season tying him with Steve Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning for the NHL lead. Both Crosby and Stamkos will be co-winners since there is no tiebreaker for the trophy.

According to the Pens webpage, Crosby is the first Penguins player to win the Richard Trophy since the inception of the award in 1998-99.

That's pretty cool ... and to think that winning it over Ovechkin was a big accomplishment (how AWESOME is that?!)!!

And he was only 3 points short of tying / 4 points to surpass Henrik Sundin (which is pretty good considering he was 8 points behind him prior to yesterday's game!)!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sid for a job well-done (impressive, as always!)!!

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