Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins goalie)!

By now you've all heard about the Penguins bus getting stuck and a few of the guys getting out and pushing it in the snow-filled streets of Buffalo -- the story was all over the news yesterday (and practically all they wanted to talk about), but I guess it's not everyday that you hear about a coach getting out to push a bus alongside his support staff and a few players!!!

One of those players helping Bylsma happened to be the Pens starting goalie and fun-loving jokester, Marc-Andre Fleury, so you know when he's involved that hilarity ensued!!

Here is how Fleury tells the story followed by Matt Cooke's side of it (notice the slight variation!)!! ; P

"It was crazy seeing people outside in suits and ties trying to push a bus," Fleury said. "I just put my big biceps on the bus, and it didn't take long after that."

Cooke interpreted the situation differently. "I'm sure his intentions were good," Cooke said. "But I'm not sure he even touched the bus."
THIS is one of the MANY, MANY reasons that the Penguins organization is loved by so many!! Their sense of humor and the way they poke fun and joke around with each other is similar to that of a family and is nothing short of special!


aBurghGirl said...


Fall on floor in laughter...

Recover, and smile at the awesome-ness of the Pens!

Adesta said...

Gotta love the guys....We Pens fans are so lucky that our guys are so down to earth.