Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Bad Billy G. Enjoys a Good Tea Party (So What?!)!!

Yesterday, the Penguins made their annual holiday visit to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital bringing cheer to the youngsters who will not get to celebrate the holidays at home.

My favorite ... Eric Godard and Bill Guerin having a tea party with princess tiaras, Godard chomping on a pink ice cream cone and all!!! So rough and tough, but look at them with that little girl!!! AWESOME (who's really going to cut on these guys for that?!!)!!!

Tis the season so we are in the Christmas spirit here,” Sidney Crosby said. “I am sure all of the kids here are thinking about Christmas so we are bringing our Christmas cheer.”

And MORE PHOTOS (click here!)!!

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Karissa said...

Thank you so, so much for embedding this video =)
I can't watch them thru the NHL; the ad-blocker installed on my computer prohibits it. So. I live for people to YouTube or embed them until I can get to another computer.
Thank yoooou.