Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just Call Him "Warrior"

TRUE GRIT - a word that defines many great hockey players including each player making up the heart and soul of the Penguins team and there's no doubt that Jordan Staal possesses plenty of it. He now has the war scars to prove it.

Only five stitches to the nose laceration (they "glued" the rest) and, amazingly, it's not broken. He said it felt like his "nose was off." So I guess it felt (and looks) worse than it really is.

With his new look bearing a scar on the bridge of his nose and donning a full face shield, he's also acquired a new nickname from his teammates to match (and rightfully so): "Warrior."
“It shows that he’s a warrior and he’ll do anything to win,” Tyler Kennedy said. [another player on the team possessing TONS of grit and knows of what he speaks!]
I am continually impressed with Staal and the steady progression in his level of play (and to this day feel that it was a good move to sign him just as I did the day it happened). He's big and is gradually learning to use his size to his advantage, but when I saw him skate back onto the ice with the rest of the Pens before the start of the third period last Monday night, I was truly impressed along with everyone else in that arena!

Keep proving those doubters wrong, Staalsy!!

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Val said...

What's a little scar when you are a Stanley Cup Champion, right?