Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rest Easy ... Staal is OK!

Last night was a good night for Jordan Staal (I just wish he would've been able to get a HT) except towards the end of the third period when he got hit with a puck from one of Malkin's shots. Although it looked bad the way he was wincing and bending over on the bench, it wasn't anything serious according to an article on the Penguins webpage.

... Staal was able to joke about the play after.

“I took it in my stomach,” Staal said. “Another great shot by Geno. I was just hoping it was going to bounce off me to Sid but it kind of stuck there. I guess I have been eating too much junk lately.

“I’m fine. It was a stinger and went away after a few minutes.”
It's those damn pierogies (but if they're gonna help him play like he has been lately, GIVE THE KID MORE!)!! Then again, we should've traded him anyway [she says as she rolls her eyes and laughs at how stupid some "fans" are!]!!!

Guerin was another player who was injured last night around the same time Staal was, but I haven't been able to find anything about that yet. When / if I do, I'll post it here (or if any of you have come across something, be sure to post it here!)!!


Adesta said...

I read on the Pgh Trib that Guerin was ok. He said it was a stinger and was limping around in the locker room, but says he's ok. I wrote about that on my blog today. Thankfully neither of them got seriously hurt. Although, I wouldn't put it past Guerin to be more hurt than he lets on....he just seems to be the kind of guy who will play hurt and not complain.

Stephanie said...

Oh GOOD!! THANKS for posting the info (I don't read the papers as often as I should!)!!

Made a stop by your blog -- I like it (I never realized) and you're a firefighter - VERY COOL!!! My dad was a volunteer when he was younger, but it's still in his blood (collects fire stuff like crazy!)!! We have that in common too.

THANKS again!!! : )

Adesta said...

No problem. Since I live in NY now (pity me lol) I don't read the Pgh papers online as much as I should. I try, but it's hard with no time....

Yes, love firefighting. My hubby is also a volunteer with me. He just got his EMT and I'm going for mine in the spring. We love it, then again, you have to love it in order to be able to do it!

Can't wait for tonight's's gonna be oh so good!