Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can We Have a "Do-Over?"

OK - I guess we had opportunities for two of those with NJ already and we just didn't take advantage of them. How about we just forget about those games altogether?!! Seriously, what is it about the NJ Devils??? Is it just "the trap?" Really? I just can't figure it out!!

I was actually at the game last night.

They looked really good in the first period (I thought anyway) -- battling for the puck and having posession of it in their end for alot of the time and then it just all went down hill after that. The only thing I heard from John the rest of the time was, "they look like crap!"

One thing is for sure, Brodeur was on top of his game and, unfortunately for the Pens and us fans, he was able to break the league record for most career shut-outs (the only individual [goalie] record he hadn't broken up to this point) which now surpasses the previous record-holder and HOFer, Terry Sawchuk.
"I don't get nervous, but (tonight) I was a little nervous," he said after stamping this performance with a glove save on Penguins center Evgeni Malkin with 42 seconds remaining."
Being a hockey fan (and not just a Penguins fan), I guess that's one thing to be thankful for about being at the game last night -- I can say I was there for that particular accomplishment of his.

And you really can't take that away from Brodeur - he IS a kick-ass goalie.

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Val said...

Nice post and thanks for acknowledging Martin Brodeur because he was truly rockin' it last night. Congrats to him!