Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Fights (61 Penalty Minutes), a Crosby GW Goal, and a WIN!!

Those are a few of the highlights during the AWESOME Pens game I was lucky enough to see at the Mellon Arena on Saturday with my fellow hockey-loving friend, Christine (whose personal highlights would also include the goal and assist from Talbot who is her FAV)!! So I'd say we both got our money's worth!!

  • Tyler Kennedy VS Sean Avery - it wasn't much of a fight and it didn't last very long, but it ignited the crowd AND the Pens players early in the game; it was a typical Avery fight complete with only a punch or two before immediately falling to the ice where he tried to get some sucker-punches in. Kennedy was smiling all the way to the box (and we got to hear audio of Mr. Kennedy's "Tyyyyyyllleerrrrrrrrr Keenneedddyyyyyy!" which ignited the crowd even more!!)!

  • Eric Godard VS Colton Orr - this was a really good fight and made up for the Kennedy-Avery fight. It was pretty even although I think I would give a slight advantage to Godard -- I'd also say it was probably one of the better fights he's had since the beginning of the season.

41 of those minutes were taken by the NY Rangers and probably the most detrimental to them was the 5-minute interference major and 10-minute game misconduct (ejection) given to Colton Orr for hitting Eaton into the boards. It was originally speculated by many including radio announcer Phil Bourque that Eaton had suffered a broken nose; however, it was later reported that Eaton went head-first into the boards and left him with a bloodied right eye for which he had to leave the game to get a few stitches (not to return).

“A few stitches never hurt anybody,” Eaton graciously said. “I knew it was coming so I tried to brace myself as much as I can, but I didn’t get there I guess. It got me on the nose and chin. I hit the dasher board on the way down. It wasn’t a stick or anything like that, I just got the boards on the way down.”
Crosby's Game-Winning Goal
It was a thing of beauty and there's nothing like seeing those kinds of goals in person!! From the moment Sid took the pass from Fedotenko and flew like lightning on a break-away to the net, you could just feel that the puck was going to find the back of the net - it was MAGIC!! This was the 15th straight game in which Crosby has a point which is "the longest active point streak in the NHL" (and to think people continue to talk about how he's lost it! GOOD GRIEF - give the Kid a break - he can't be perfect nor can a he be expected to score in every game!!)!!!!

A Penguins Win!!
This was an important win since the Rangers were ahead of the Pens in the standings (the Pens not only earned 2 more points, but they also kept the Rangers from earning any points for this game - truly the best scenario possible - which allowed them to move ahead of the Rangers in the standings; they're currently in 6th place).

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