Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Can We Expect Tomorrow?

It was reported that Gonchar was to give the Penguins his answer on Monday.  Well, Monday came and went without so much as a rustle, so my assumption is that Gonchar told them "thanks, but no thanks."

It's apparent that the Penguins want Gonchar and Dan Hamhuis or else they wouldn't have had discussions with Gonchar or traded a 2011 third-round draft pic for Hamhuis although its becoming more apparent that both of these players do not like what the Penguins are offering the closer we get to noon tomorrow.

I'm certain that the third year Gonchar wants is the sticking point (the Pens usually don't dole out three-years; however, that wasn't the case for Matt Cooke OR Ben Lovejoy), so I'm guessing they don't want to give it to Gonchar because of the money he wants (Cooke and Lovejoy are "more affordable").

I really thought Hamhuis would be happy to take any decent offer the Pens would throw his way; however, it looks like we're no different than Philly in that respect (when he wouldn't sign with them, I just figured he simply didn't want to subscribe to the type of play the Flyers are known for); however, word is that he wants to play "closer to home."  Is he crazy??!!!  He's going to pass up an opportunity to play with the Pittsburgh Penguins for a CHANCE to play closer to home ... and pretty much passing up a great opportunity for a chance to win the Stanley Cup at least once within the time he would sign for.  I just don't understand.

And I honestly don't know what Gonchar is smoking either.  Why is he so intent on that third year after knowing all the perks there are with the Penguins??  I mean, not just a great team, but how about the family-like atmosphere of the team (chemistry) as well as the chance to win another Stanley Cup ... there's no guarantee that he'll ever find that again on another team.  I suppose its a matter of choice and opinion ... the time / money are obviously more important than the what the Penguins are willing to offer.

It looks like both Gonchar and Hamhuis will be testing free agency tomorrow; however, they also have to realize what's at risk too since Shero will most likely be going after other defenseman at the same time ... they're chances to remain / become a Penguin is less likely as we approach free agency and for some reason I don't think its a big concern for either of them.

And as much as I want Gonchar to stay and Hamhuis to be a Penguin, I'm afraid we're just running out of time and it's not going to work out that way.  But regardless, I'm anxious to see how this all plays out tomorrow, that's for sure!!!

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