Friday, June 25, 2010

NHL Draft Day - 2010

For some reason, I'm looking more forward to this year's draft than any previously.  Granted, I miss hockey, but I think its more because I learned a little about a few of the top picks and thats a first!

I've actually enlisted the help of a really good friend who knows alot about hockey and spends time keeping up with hockey of any kind (NHL, ECHL, AHL, juniors), so once Pittsburgh makes its pick today, I'll have a special rundown for you sometime later or most likely tomorrow about this particular player (and hopefully a few of the others the Pens pick up today / tomorrow).

Stay tuned here for the latest draft info as I plan to watch the draft and provide coverage of what goes on today and tomorrow.

Here's some important information to get you ready for tonight:
Draft Dates / Times:  Friday, June 25th @ 7:00 PM - Round 1, and Saturday, June 26th @ 1:00 PM - Rounds 2 - 7 (VERSUS, TSN, NHL Network)
2010 NHL Draft page

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